BLACK ONYX is an alternative investment specialist.

We provide an independent platform for boutique asset managers to connect with wealth professionals, and assist experienced investors with the construction of sophisticated investment portfolios.


We believe investors need to be better informed to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns.


We work harder at identifying the best ideas, with the least correlation, to a cluttered investment environment.


We represent award winning FSB regulated alternative investments and cost-efficient structures.

Have you ever considered alternative investments before?

5 Benefits of boutique asset managers:

  • Better returns and less risk than the JSE over time.
  • Better returns and less risk than most unit trusts over time.
  • Portfolio diversification that ensures uncorrelated returns.
  • Active fund management that minimises downside risk.
  • Investor protection via FSB regulated CIS structures.

The benefits consider 10 years of data, net of fees, as of the 31st of December each year (2006-2016), compiled by BLACK ONYX in January 2017 in accordance with the FAIS General Code of Conduct, from a limited sample of the “5” largest hedge funds, general equity funds and balanced funds (RSA), as determined by their assets under management (AUM), as sourced from each of the fund factsheets / MDD’s, then verified with Morningstar (general equity funds and balanced funds) and the fund manager themselves with respect to the hedge funds (as they don’t appear on Morningstar). Past returns do not guarantee future performance. Click here if you wish to discuss this in more detail.

BLACK ONYX is an authorised FSP (47701)