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The Basic Guide to Regulated Hedge Funds,

is a concise guide to the alternative investments available to South African investors. With around 300 regulated hedge funds now available in SA (many Reg 28), you too can participate in an investment domain, once reserved for the ultra wealthy and institutional investors.

At BLACK ONYX, we believe in using bespoke alternative investments  to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns, and we work harder at identifying the best ideas, with the least correlation, to a cluttered investment environment.

Have you ever considered the alternatives?

The BENEFITS of this guide:

  • Easy to read, easy to understand and simple to follow (2 hour read)
  • Understand how different asset classes perform in a market collapse.
  • Debunk the myths associated with risk, regulation, transparency and fees.
  • Understand the alternatives that improve risk-adjusted returns over time.
  • Identify the most appropriate managers, strategies and investment tools.

Plus .. exclusive access to fund manager interviews and investment resources

BLACK ONYX is an authorised FSP (47701)