While continually reviewing and interviewing fund managers, BLACK ONYX has established a series of short interviews bringing you “face-to-face” with some of the industry stakeholders. There’s a strong likelihood many of these boutique fund managers influenced some of your current investments, at some stage in their career.

Eric Nel
Terebinth Capital
How is your fund uniquely different?

Michael Mgwaba
Description of an ETF

Mark Preston
Laurium Capital
The Hedge Fund Regulatory Environment

Garreth Elston
Reitway Global
Description of a Leveraged Fund

Dino Zuccollo & Jonti Osher
Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management
How does one invest in a section 12J fund?

Cy Jacobs
Explaining The Tools of Modern Finance

Glen Copans
Investec Specialist Investments
Introduction to the fund

Paul Duncan
Catalyst Fund Managers
Introduction to Long Only Property Focus

Iain Power
Truffle Asset Management
Description of the Truffle Flexible Fund

Reuben Beelders
Gryphon Asset Management
What makes your fund uniquely different?

Murray Winckler
Laurium Capital
Introduction to the firm

Grant Hogan and Tatenda Chapinduka
Independent Alternatives
Explaining the tools of modern finance